About Us

Isle of Green is an exciting new brand with a mission and a purpose to sell quality garments made in an ethical and sustainable way.

We believe in purpose which is why we are also donating 15% of the sale value of every product to Barnardo's who do amazing work protecting the interests of children.

Isle of Green is part of a large  clothing distributor and garment decorator with over 30 years experience and in the process of building an exciting new eco factory to be opened in late 2021.


Some of the features of our new factory will include:

  • Solar and air source heating.

  • The ability to harvest rain water to wash cars, toilets and print screens.

  • A living Wall with plans to grow crops and support the local environment.

  • The use of megafans in the factory to cool down and ideally reach zero electricity.

  • Bream accredited – one of the best accreditations for factories you can attain.

  • An incubator hub for fashion and innovation students to work on new and exciting projects.

  • Using robotics to automate various projects.

  • Bike sheds to encourage staff to use bikes but also electric charging points for cars.

  • Putting in drone landing base for retailers.

  • Studios and showcased mock up stores for brands to showcase products to retailers and influencers.