Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a big deal. But why?

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We know it’s better for us and better for the people that grow it. But it’s also better for the environment!

Grown naturally without chemicals means organic cotton better for you and your skin.

Organic farming means that modified seeds, artificial fertiliser and chemical pesticides are never used, so less toxic chemicals are put into the soil.

Looking after the soil naturally extends it’s lifespan. Organic soil is more resilient to extreme weather patterns, something many farmers are having to handle with the changing climate.

Organic farming encourages biodiversity by avoiding the use of harmful pesticides, protecting wild animals and plant life.

Soil is capable of absorbing and locking in carbon from the atmosphere. Organic soil does this best, and enough organic soil in the world could seriously help the fight against climate change.

Cotton is a very thirsty plant, and conventional cotton tends to be irrigated from rivers. But this is an intensive process that damages the local eco-system and wastes a lot of water. Organic cotton is more likely to be rain-fed, so is less of a strain on the environment.